onsdag 6. oktober 2010



lørdag 4. september 2010

from the window
flickering hate
pure and simple

torsdag 2. september 2010

will be new things here soon,but really why should i bother,i have 1 follower hahahaha,but still it is somting to do,and mabye some day i will get 2.....

well off to bed

torsdag 19. august 2010

Garden glowing

shiviring heat

remembrance of joy

Pain inside

can not breath


and thrown away

fredag 4. juni 2010

Gaze my beloved

sweet slaugther

so violently

remember me

Blood victims

so violently

symbol of evil

love me

lørdag 29. mai 2010

Hungry Bastard

destroying me

random moments

of pure hate

Roam the nigth

iron street lamp

drowsy sadness

i`am all alone

torsdag 13. mai 2010

Midnigth chamber


arched back

detested lust

mandag 19. april 2010

need to get going

when things hurt inside

want to breath

gasping still here

tirsdag 6. april 2010

mandag 15. mars 2010


heart breaking

the pale sky

Wrougth iron fence

coverd his eyes

fragile sobbing

cold escape
dette er bare en liten test,siden jeg aldri har gjort dette før